PROFILE 藤井千秋の紹介

He was born on June 4th in Gifu Prefecture.
He grew up in Kyoto. He loved the Shimogamo area in Kyoto and he lived there the rest of his life.
He graduated from Kyoto City University of Art. After graduating his American military friend recommended that he becomes a professional artist.
He became an art teacher at Rakuhoku Junior high school while he started out in the illustration business. As he becomes more popular and got good illustration work he was forced to retire from teaching after only two years because he was too busy.
He got good work from a magazine called ”Shojo no tomo”. After that he stared getting a lot of work doing illustrations for many young girl’s magazines including "Jogakusei no Tomo", “Shousetsu no Junior”, "Utsukushi Juudai", etc.
He also got work doing designs for stationery and textiles.
In addition his work included elementary aged children’s magazines and picture books.
His studio became very busy with many fans, models, and art students coming and going day and night. His house became a social gathering place.
Unfortunately, the busier he became the more his health deteriorated.
During the war he had had back surgery for a herniated disc which was unsuccessful.
As a result, he continually experienced severe pain and contracted liver disease.
In spite of this, he continued his work.
1970 -
As manga and television became more popular the demand for illustrations decreased as youth novel magazines went out of business.
After that, while continuing to struggle with his illness he continued to paint pictures which he wanted to paint while lying in bed.
On May 5th he passed away at the age of 62.
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