Chakii was not only an illustrator; he also sculpted many handcrafts as a hobby in his spare time working with papier-mache and clay to make accessories, lamps, decorations and so on. This page is an introduction to some of Chakii's handcrafts showing this type of his work as well as some of his collaborations with other artists.

  • Papier-mâché Dolls

    Chiaki's clay works painted with watercolors These works were made as decorations for bottles, such as a brandy bottles.

  • Mermaid

    Mermaid sitting on a whiskey bottle

  • Princess in a Green Dress

    Green is the theme and accentuates the look of the Princess’ hair as it flows. The pattern on her dress is painted with a fine point brush

  • Flower Decorated Bottle

    A flower motif on a bottle

  • Grape Candle Holder

    Chiaki often used this grape motif.

  • Blue Cap Girl

    A Girl wearing a blue hat.

  • Rose Lamp

    He decorated store bought lamps with beads, ribbons and papier-mâché. They took on a new life as works of art after he applied his touch to them.

  • Grape and Vine Lamp

    A decorated wood light stand.

  • Butterfly Lamp

    A metal lamp decorated with beads, lace, ribbons and so on.