Chiaki was active from 1940 to 1970.
He made many pictures but a lot of them were lost. Before he died he tried to find them.
Some of them were returned. Chiaki's family is managing his estate and is continuing to look for his lost works.

Before making this website they met many people.
During his active period Japan was poor and many young girls of that era told many stories of how they was fascinated and inspired by his pictures.
Other younger people didn't recognize him by name, but when they saw his children's book illustrations they recognized his work.

Many people kept asking to see his works.

It has already been more than 28 since Chiaki passed away, but even now his pictures are still relevant and make people feel at ease.

People of Chiaki's generation had fond memories and younger generation wanted to know more about him.

So, we have decided to make this website.

■Please give us your feedback, feelings and any ideas or information that can help us.

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